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At Canaan Vibes we help you find your promised land free of sickness and disease. Through compassion and effective healing modalities we give you the tools and knowledge needed to restore wellness to your mind, body, and soul, restoring hope for the future!

Canaan Vibes

At Canaan Vibes it’s our promise to provide you with proven and effective health solutions through safe, compassionate, and affordable care. Now’s the time to reclaim your health!

Canaan Vibes

Learn the secrets of healing through the 8 wonders of nature.

Canaan Vibes

Experience health, longevity, and mental clarity.

Canaan Vibes

Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy & restore healthy sleep habits.

Canaan Vibes

Tap into the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Faith.  Compassion.
Hope.  Dependability.

Why Choose Us?

At Canaan vibes we believe you are worthy of health, longevity, and mental clarity, which is why we promote and facilitate wellness services that improve your health from the inside out. Through IV hydration therapy, health coaching, vitamin injections, and more, we enable you to find healing and restore your hope.

By educating you on wellness through the lens of the 8 wonders of nature, we help you improve and maintain your health, as well as combat the side effects of chemotherapy, change unhealthy sleep patterns, strengthen bulging veins, and more. Through natural and safe remedies we empower you to become who God created you to be–free of toxicity and disease!

Canaan Vibes

Our Services

Our services are designed to address a range of diseases and and negative health symptoms such as Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, cognitive decline, cold, flu, depression, anxiety, inflammation, and more.

Canaan Vibes

Self Care

Canaan Vibes

Weight Loss Programs

Canaan Vibes

Health Coaching

Neurological Disorders

Canaan Vibes
Canaan Vibes

Canaan Vibes specializes in the comprehensive treatment of neurological disorders, including conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, autism, autoimmune disorders, heavy metal toxicity, and sleep disorders.

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Canaan Vibes
Canaan Vibes


I am writing to express my gratitude from myself and my children for the care that was provided to us by Mrs. Sharon Terrelonge. I can call upon Mrs. Terrelonge to ask for medical advice, and she always makes herself available. I had many questions when my oldest daughter was pregnant with her rainbow baby, and she provided so much support to both my daughter and me. My daughter still calls her from California when she has a concern regarding my grandson. My experiences with Mrs. Sharon Terrelonge have always been outstanding. She is respectful, professional, provides high quality service, listens, and includes her patients in their care.

Anna Otero

I highly recommend Sharon Terrelonge as a nurse practitioner whom I have worked with over the years. Doctor Terrelonge utilizes integrative medicine to prevent and reverse debilitating diseases. Dr. Terrelonge provides a personalized program that addresses the cause of the problem, utilizing lifestyle principles in her practices along with other simple remedies and supplements. She puts a lot of effort and care into her patients’ wellness and that is what makes her special and stand out from other practitioners. The quality of care she provides does make a difference in her patients’ health. I have seen patients lose weight, improve cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension. This is why I highly recommend Dr. Terrelonge because I know you will be in good hands and will receive the highest quality of care.

Grace Whyte


Sharon Terrelonge NP is dedicated to effecting positive, long lasting change in the lifestyle of her patients. She is passionate about holistic care, she teaches and formulates individualized care programs for which she has great success. Her patients are experiencing a healthier, happier and more energetic life. Her love for people and her work, make trusting her and communication with her easy. Sharon provides consistent and supportive clinical care. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to all those who need positive results.
Monica Martin


My name is Rose Marie Gordon and very elated to pen this testimonial for Ms. Sharon Terrelonge. As a patient of Sharon Terrelonge’s for the past 2 years, Ms. Terrelonge has been seeing to my primary care needs. I have experienced a very caring, kind, thorough, polite, professional and respectable individual, monitoring my every need especially my diabetic condition, and I am now free from being a diabetic. Ms. Terrelonge is very gifted in making me feel quite comfortable in my face to face and virtual visits. I have no reservations in writing this testimonial for Ms. Sharon Terrelonge.

Rose Marie Gordon

I had my first Executive (multivitamin) IV treatment with Sharon today.
Sharon is a true professional. I was anxious at the start of the treatment and she calmed my fears by walking me through the process from start to finish.
The environment is relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenating.
I strongly recommend Sharon and her team for all your infusion needs. Great job team.

Dr. Smith-Cambry

Thank you for sharing your gift of health knowledge with the world. May each person that encounters your wealth of knowledge be blessed and healed.
I am eternally gratefully for your help as my son struggled with severe Eczema, your recommendations relieved him of white patches and itching and burning. We continue to use the remedies for the occasional flare ups. God bless your ministry.

Camille Searchwell-Davis