The Importance of Losing Weight

The most important part of losing weight is the diet.

Eating smaller portions is important to health. Digestion is hard work, the less we eat, the more time the body gets to repair itself and fight disease. When you are eating healthy, you will be eating less, because whole food is backed with nutrients. Eating processed sugar upset the mineral balance.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise, walking, (walking the dog), stairs climbing, hill climbing, going to the gym, to work out are important weight loss activities. Women in general tend to avoid resistant training fearing that they will put on bulk, or they believe that cardio is more important. However, it is best to do both cardio, and resistant training. Here is why. Resistant training such as lifting pushups, and squats put stress on the muscles. This is an invitation for the muscles to grow and get stronger. By so doing you develop more lean muscles. The more muscles you have within the body, the faster your metabolism become. Muscles burn calories, fat does not. The fatter the body, the slower the metabolism, the slower the metabolism, the more fat you put on. That is why resistant training is very important.
For best result do interval cardio training (get videos online). Cardio interval training gets you working out at a higher level of intensity, and helps you build endurance more quickly, and it also helps you burn more calories.

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